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PEACE that exceeds expectation, through Faith far greater than mere hope, beyond any and all doubt.)


 Springfield, MO
 Ozarks & Heartland U.S.A.


Hello, My name is Travis P. I have been off the grid for a few years and this management will be temporary, as I wish to remain off grid, but was asked to preserve some items found here. So, things will be slowly disappearing, as each item is removed, after saving to private files.
I am not Messianic, so please do not bother trying to contact me or anyone else.
It will do no good and I do not have any email account or connection to any shown on this site.
I have been trying to learn how to use the builder for this site for about a week, as of the last day of June, 2017 and am just now starting to process things. 
I accepted this task only because it was my friends final request.

I was really hoping that someone else was going to take over
and save this site.

Hoping to have my assignment done by the end of July, if not a bit later.
At that time, I will personally delete this site as requested.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

07/16/57 ~ 04/23/17

He was so humble that he did not want a memorial service or obituary.
That is just what kind of soul he was.
Even here he did not want his name mentioned.
I was honored to be called by family at his request and arrived to see him one last time, just a few days before his passing.
His biggest request was to help him share some sacred secrets with the world.
I was given his computer and more, so I could try and finish his work.
Not finishing his work was his biggest regret.
He said that although his work wasn't done, his life was.
He accepted his fate with grace.

I am not great with words, like he sure was.
But I will tell you something that he told and taught me.
Death is only temporary and nothing more than a rest that goes by as if no time has passed when you find yourself awake again.
He told me that it is the living who suffer and that this life is not much more than the  dream that you do not have when resting in death.

He taught me that from the Bible, using only a few verses.
He truly was a teacher.
In my opinion, a very good one and great friend to have, even if I never got to know him real well.
One of the best!


Rest well my friend.
I will see you when we all wake up from this dream.


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Yahswah's stated purpose is four-fold; To worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to proclaim Yahswah Ha'Mashiach as the Messiah of Israel to all, both Hebrew and gentile, to build up the Body of believers in the Hebrew Messiah, and to bring to light and life the biblical heritage of our faith.

Most Messianics are Torah observant, keeping the traditions of the fathers and observing Shabbat (Sabbath) and the Feasts of the Lord. Worship and praise is Davidic in nature, including dancing, banners, traditional liturgy and Torah readings.


"Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came not to destroy, but in order to fulfill them."                                                Matthew 5:17

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Statement of Faith

  1. There is one true and living God, existing as the Abba (Father), Yahswah ("Jesus"/Son) and Ruach Kadosh (Holy Spirit), equal within an indivisible unity of power and glory; and this Elohiym (God - in plurality of hierarchy) created all human beings in that image and all living things of creation, upholding all and governing all. 
  2. The entire Sacred Scriptures (Tenach and B'rit Hadasha / "Old and New Testaments") are the work of Abba, fully inspired, in the original manuscripts without error, being the infallible rule for faith, practice and lifestyle.
  3. God, the Father, is an infinite personal spirit, perfect in holiness, wisdom, power and love, and who mercifully intercedes in the affairs of mankind, with personal concern and connection, hearing and answering our prayers and saves from sin and death all those that come to Him through the Messiah, Yahswah.
  4. Yahswah is the Messiah, God's only begotten Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, performed miracles and teachings, died as a substitutionary atonement, as the sacrificial Lamb of God, was bodily resurrected from death and ascended into heaven providing perpetual intercession for God's people and his visible return to earth is imminent, exactly as prophesied.
  5. The Ruach Kadosh came forth from Abba, through Yahswah, in Abba's image and most perfect reflection of the Ruach Kadosh, in the Abba's most direct image, embodied, in order to reprove the world of sin, to indwell and empower all whom believe in Messiah, as an all abiding helper, teacher and guide.
  6. To be faithful to God's commandments embodied in the Law that Abba gave to Moses at Mt. Sinai, through the Living Word, the Son. The Law reflects the practical wisdom of a loving God, intentionally given to His children to set them apart from the world, to preserve and protect them through faith and to guide them to mature faith and righteousness. The  Law is the foundation upon which our biblical heritage of  faith is based, built and sustained, while the Law is not the basis for our salvation.
  7. Mikvahs (baptisms) preserve the biblical practice of tevilah (full immersion) for purification in the living waters. The Lord's Seder (orders / arrangement) preserves the biblical practice of the levitical Feast of Passover and the laying on of hands for S'Mikah ordination, for healing and for receiving the manifestations of the Ruach Kadosh. Sukkot (Feast of "Tabernacles") foreshadows the return of our Messiah.
  8. The return of Yahswah Ha'Mashiach (the Messiah) to earth to establish His Kingdom, to rule and reign over Israel from Jerusalem in peace and righteousness that will cover the earth is imminent and that the body of believers will be resurrected and "raptured" providing eternal blessings for the righteous and a final, endless death for the wicked.

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