If anyone feels that they can refute them, via the Scriptures, please feel free to contact me for possible correction.


"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."
( Genesis 1:1 )

"In the beginning, the Word was with God and the Word was God."
( John 1:1 )


Genesis:  How eloquent in writing style. Like all well written books, the first line informs the reader what the entire story is about / what to expect to read about.

John: How eloquent, conscious and conscientious, it was for John to wish to begin his own account, in the same way, yet to help explain the relationship of
the Father and Son.

Both: It is also very eloquently subtle that there are only these and TWO passages that start with the same words, which clearly refer to Father and Son.


Theologians say that this relationship is "mysterious", which only makes me wonder if that idea relates to "mysterion", or Babylon the adulteress whore,
"mother of all harlots", or mother of all mystery religions - pagan cults and infected religions?

Yes, both God and the relationship with the Word / Messiah is awesome, but not so mysterious, unless you accept the mystery confusion of the "trinity" doctrine".
This was never a belief taught by the Hebrews, predating Messiah's coming, nor the teaching of Messiah or his apostles.

Its origin is that of old and Nimrod's Babylon.
Trinitarian gods, or a father god, mother goddess and son god - the Sun, itself.
This is later seen in the story of Exodus, where the "gods of Egypt" were Apis & Hathor and the unnamed golden calf.
( Apis & Hathor were depicted upon the base of the golden calf idol.)

This idea and its idolic symbolism existed and still exist across the religious cultures of many religions.

The Hebrews were the first to present the idea of there being only ONE Almighty God, over all and any others / lesser gods (ie. angels), deserving reverence.
In fact, they were simply restoring what had been known by their ancestors, "Adam and Eve" to Noah, but lost to the antiquity of later history.

It was not until emperor Constantine - a pagan and not a Christian - introduced the triune gods into the new Universal Church.
That is to say, the Catholic Church.
One only needs to visit the "HOLY SEE" archives, in order to see the confusion of this "mystery" false doctrine.


God, the Father, is a spirit. 
( John 4:24 )

This is not referring to the Holy Spirit, although God and his Spirit, as well as God's creation, are all holy.
This means that God is a being of spirit, invisible to eyes of flesh.
However, God nature and attributes of God's character are clearly evidence within creation, from creation onward / and beyond. 
( Romans 1:20
God, the Father, has no physical form, in the sense of having a body or image like humans.
God has no such bounds and no limitations.
God's spirit is the spirit of all life.
God resides within every living, natural creation.
God is everything!
Everything that is "good", that is.
God's HOLY SPIRIT is Love.

God IS Love ( 1 John 4:16 )...
and not the other way around, in reverse opposition.
( God cannot be remade by humanism into an emotion.)

In order to understand this Father - Son relationship, it is important to understand exactly what a SOUL is.
In the creation of "Adam" (Adda), what constiuents constitute a soul is simple.
First, God (Elohym - yes, plural. More about that, shortly.) formed a body from the elements of the earth.
Second, the body remained a lifeless vessel, until the spirit, or breath, of life was breathed into it.
THEN, man became a "living soul".
( Genesis 2:7 )

Body + Spirit = Soul

A soul is a living being and any spirit embodied.
( Remember, God has an embodiment living within all natural creation.)

The human soul is both spirit and flesh.
The human soul is flesh and blood.
The life of the fleshy soul is in the blood.
Genesis 9:4 )
Leviticus 17:11 )

Within Scriptures, one can find that human souls are visible and susceptible to human and natural, earthly conditions and mortality.
Souls can be counted, hunger, thirst, suffer and even die or be killed.
Examples abound!
( Psalms 16:10  &  Acts 2:27 )


At death, the body returns to the earth (dust or ashes / the elements) when the spirit departs and returns unto God.
The soul and conscience cease to exist, except in the hands and memory of God, until a resurrection.
All strife ends for that soul, returning to the same place and condition, as it was before birth.
( Ecclesiastes 12:7 )

What about the fact that only GOD can destroy both body AND soul?
( Matthew 10:28 )
A spirit can be returned and even raised up in a NEW body.
But the spirit must first still exist.
In the end, the spirit belongs to and is a part of God, 
yet only God is able to purify a spirit by etherial fire, destroying all consciousness and conscience memory of an evil soul.


Although God cannot die, Messiah once did.
The Father created the Son as first-born of all creation.
( Colossians 1:15 )
Being the first-born means that he was the purest reflection of God,
made in God's most perfect image of who and what God is.
The Word is God, as God speaks through the Son.
In essence, the Messiah is the soul embodiment of God.
The natural embodiment is spirit, or a spiritual body / temple.
After all, we are temples of God, also!
( 1 Corinthians 3:16 )

The ELOHYM (plural) image that mankind was created in has to do with the physically structured order of the divine hierarchy, or heavenly Ark.
Father = Head
Son = Neck, Throat, Voice, Word
Two Ark-Angels = Shoulders

"God (Elohym) then said, "Let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness..."
( Gen. 1:26 )
( compare  PS 8:5  &  Heb. 2:7 )

Also, notice the structure of the Divine Hierarchy.


( The two archangels, or ark angels, are not included in this chapter. But that is another discussion. )


Simplified Summary

To be a father, one must have a child.
To be a son, one must have a father.

The Father is represented by Abraham.
The Son is represented by Issak.

The Father sent Messiah.
( John 3:34 & 16:28 )
The Father raised Messiah from the dead.
( Acts 13:30,  Romans 10:9 )

The Father is eternal, having no beginning or end.
The Son is everlasting, but was not until and was the beginning.
( Deuteronomy 33:27 )

The Son is the beginning and the end.
The Father cannot die or all would vanish.
( Rev. 1:8, 21:6, 22:13 )

The Son did die in a mortal body, as a mortal soul, delivering his spirit up to God, before being resurrected and ascension.
( Luke 23:46 )

BY God, all things were created.
THROUGH the Word, all creation came into being.

( Col. 1:16 )

We cannot approach the Father, except THROUGH the Son.
To know Messiah, is to know what God is like, in perfect reflection of God's image.
( John 14:6 )

Messiah said that the Father is greater.
( John 14:28 )
Messiah prayed to his Father.
Messiah calls God his Father and his God.
Messiah prayed that not his own will, but his Father's will be done.
( Luke 22: 42 )

Messiah ascended to the Father and God's throne.
Messiah NEVER actually said that he was God.
Messiah DID say that looking upon him was as seeing the Father.
( John 14: 9, 31 )
Messiah stated that he did and spoke as he saw and heard his Father do.
( John 5:19 & 12:50 )
They act as ONE, in unison, mind and heart.

NOWHERE does Scripture refer to the Holy Spirit as a person or being nor having any name.
".. in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit."...
( Matthew 28:19 )
Some say that the original texts did not contain "Holy Spirit", but was added in the Greek version.
Still yet, there are 3 letters in the 4 letter Name of God.

Y H W and H

H = breath or spirit of God, which proceeds from YOD and flows continuously outward to the very end... and beyond.
This can also be recognized as the inhaling and exhaling two breaths of breathing. 
WAW can be seen as being the WAY, or the WORD of God.

Father and Son an inseparable duality in heart / Spirit.

The Name of God is also ONE NAME.

( John 5:43 )

( "another" coming in "his own name" alludes to the ultimate anti-Messiah )

For me, it is truly as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 .



Once reading the "Trinity..." doctrine, above, this subject will be easier to understand.
Like all things created by God, all is interwoven and flows together.

The subject here is really the SOUL (what it is) and two paths, or choices.
God did not make us robotic puppets nor cloned to one mind.
In "His" image, we were created, provided with free self-will.
We make our own life decisions.
Where we end up, at the end of our life's journey, or path, depends upon us, according to our actions, deeds and words.
Our "WORKS".

"Fate is mortal. Destiny is chosen."
~ E. Ben Yoseph ~

Where is "Heaven"?
It resides above the Earth in position of divine hierarchy, within the creation.
Physically, however, it is all around us, as surely as the Earth is round.

The Scriptures speak of both "heaven" and "the heavens".
Some speak of SEVEN HEAVENS or even believe in the "seventh heaven".
God dwells in the THIRD HEAVEN.
Where is that? What does this mean?

Is the Heaven we await somewhere out there, way to far away to be seen?
Is it invisible or visible and coming - on its way- to us?

Is it a place in the sky, where those who go there sit upon clouds, strumming harps forever?
Do some people, as they claim, visit heaven?

Where is "Hell"?
It is a place below all, for certain. 
Physically, some believe it is in the core of the Earth.
You will hear some say that hell is ON Earth.
Satan is certainly ruling over this world.
War is hell!
A lot of things make this world a "living hell".

We relate "hell" to fire and torture, or torture by fire.
Hot as hell, cold as hell, dark as hell...
anything extreme and uncomfortable. 

But does the Word teach that there is a "devil with a pitchfork" hell?
Did the original children of God, the Hebrews, ever believe in this?
Dante's Inferno ,  A Mid-Summer Night's Dream (Nightmare), 

Some persons even claim to have visited HELL and returned!



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