Ha' Shem, or The Name.  The Holy Name, or "Ha'Shem Kad

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God's Holy Name, the most holiest name in the entire universe, became unknown and was virtually lost for centuries. Then came the errant spelling and, thus, pronunciation, "Jehovah".

How did this happen and what does it matter?

It matters, because the name and use of the Holy Name of God was emphasized in Sacred Scriptures for recognition, use and spreading unto the entire world!

( Ezek.39:7, Luke 11:2, John 17:11-12 )

When king James had the "Bible" translated, translators had a superstitiously supernatural respect for and fear of even writing down God's name. This began with an unhealthy fear created by the Hebrews, or Jewish priesthood. They would not dare speak the Holy Name aloud, except for the high priest doing so only once a year, when entering into the Holy of Holies, or Holiest of Holy places, where the Ark of the Covenant sat behind a huge, thick curtain. Each time the priest exited, before reentering through the solid curtain, he would mikvah (wash his entire body) and change into another clean, white robe. Therefore, the translators would go through an extremely elaborate ritual, before ever daring to even write God's Name down. Thus, it appears only a relatively few times, compared to the original Scripts. In order to not have to write the Name, they instead substituted the word 'LORD' in capital letters, which is ADONAI in Hebrew.  So, whenever you see "LORD" or "ADONAI", know that God's Name actually belongs there,... as opposed to Elohim, or Elohym, in Hebrew.

Even today, still, no one seems quite sure how to properly pronounce the Holy Name and strict adherents to Hebrew tradition will write GOD and "G-d" and use "Ha'Shem", instead of daring any attempt to pronounce the "tetragrammaton" (four letters) of God's Name, being "YHWH" or "YHVH". People can't even settle upon which is most correct in that spelling!

So, we have variants, such as YaHWaH, YaHWeH, YeHWeH, YeHWah and YaHoVaH.

Some will tell you that it is not that important... at least as long as we do our best, in our own tongue.
An often given example is that "Jesus", in English, maintains a hard "J" sound, while in Spanish it has a soft "H" sound, so that this name sounds like, "HAY-ZUES" (zoo-us), in phonetical spelling.
Point taken, ...but not good enough.

If HAYZUES comes from Spain to America or I go to Spain, should i call him GEEZUS?
Rather disrespectful not to recognize the proper pronunciation of someone's given name,
saying it how I wish to in MY language.
But we are not discussing merely a human name, but reverence to THE Name of God and the Lord.

True, the first time hearing "Jehovah" was something new.
But it sort of sickened me to find out how that name was derived.
The "Jehovah's Witnesses" had taken the vowel sounds from "Adonai" and simply placed them between the YHVH letters.

Studying this subject for years, i also listened very closely and carefully to how Hebrews spoke words and pronounced individual letters.
Jericho is one example.
An Israeli news woman pronounced it (and you have to press your tongue upward at the start) to sound
like YEER - ah- Koh.

Since there was no "J" letter or letter-sound invented until centuries after Messiah and never exists in Hebrew language, we know we can completely delete "J" from God's name and the name of "Jesus".
"Jesus" is a GREEK, or Greco-ROMAN, derivative.

Today, we have variations upon the LORD's name.
Yashua, Yeshua, Yehoshua, and, as for my own, Yahswah.
This is because i settled upon YHWH, with a double "V", instead of a double "U",
pronounced like the 'V' in the French word "Viola!"

But is this correct?

is a modern Hebrew spelling.

The most ANCIENT HEBREW letters spelling Ha'Shem goes back further than PALEO-HEBREW.

(see the picture example below, which is to be read from right to left)

  Written from right to left, the spelled out pictographic letters are  IEUE.

Phonetically spelled, they are pronounced as follows;


( Y H UU H )

( I E U E )

When sounded out, all together, the Name could be spelled like this;


phonetically spelled,

with the first 'Y' having a sharp ee sound.




Notice the ELU.

Hail  EL UYEH.


Praise GOD, U-Yeh / WEH!

eh = ay


The letter [Aleph] is the "father" of the Aleph-Bet, whose original pictograph represents an ox, strength, and leader. Its numerical value is one (and also 1,000) and it is a silent letter. Aleph therefore is preeminent in its order and alludes to the ineffable mysteries of the oneness of God. Indeed, the word [aluph]- (derived from the very name of this letter) means "Master" or "Lord." 


In the classical Hebrew script (ketav Ashurit) used for writing Torah scrolls,  Aleph is constructed with two Yods (one to the upper right and the other to the lower left) that are joined by a diagonal Vav. Ketav Ashurit was the script that Jesus would have read (ketav Ivri was an older script, similar to ancient Phoenician, but was not the script used when Moses received the Torah from GOD on Sinai. Ketav Ivri is also sometimes called the Temple Script because samples of it are extant dated to the time of Solomon's Temple). 


The basic gematria for the letter [Aleph] is one, indicating the One and only God who is the Master of the universe. Note; however, that the gematria for the parts of the letter Aleph add up to 26 (Yod+Yod+Vav). This is the same number as the Name YHVH, also indicating a link between the Aleph and God Himself – (This however was a later Talmudic engineering exercise proven by the fact that the Hebrew letter (Vav) was not even extant in the original Paleo Hebrew, but added from a far later influence.) – Proven and demonstrated in Exodus 3 where GOD reveals His actual proper Name to Moshe four times as - (Aheyeh), which very loosely translates in the English to be depicted as - (I EXIST)., But by verse 15 we see the much later scribal entry of the YHVH name; which is there to pretend that this was in fact the proper name The Angel of God gave Moshe, and somehow not the (Alef, Hey, yad, Hey) name which was clearly given 4 times prior to verse 15; which is then used as such a proper name again later directly afterwards in Ex-4, and also many time previous to Exodus.   

I believe it is very important to point out that Almighty God, the Father, has imprinted his Holy Name upon the Son.
This may be difficult to understand, until you understand the fallacy of the "trinity" doctrine and know the truth reality. 
In fact, "the [ Living ] Word", who walked in the garden of Eden, was none other that YHWH.
SImply put, since he spoke, as the voice, for God, when asked what His name was, there was no other answer.
"Angels", or malakim, are not to be reverenced by and referred name.
There are two exceptions, yet not to be worshipped, being Michael and Gabriel, the right and lest hands of YHWH.
All three met with Abraham, in materialized forms, just before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra.
Still yet, Messiah has another, secret and sacred name, which no one knows, possibly to one day be revealed.
( Rev. 2:17, 19:17 )
However, when born upon Earth, he was given that name, expected of Messiah to be given.
He carried the name of YHWH, in the form of "Yahswah" - Yah's Way or Word... Truth and Light.

"I come in my Father's name."
( John 5:43 )

ACTS 4:12

We may not know the exact pronunciation of Ha'Shem Kadosh, but we must attempt to be as reverent and do our best. 
El (God) understands.

( UPDATE: Hebrew Messianic Rabbi Nehemia Gordon says that it is Yah-Ho-Vah. )

However, allow me to offer you a brief, personal story.
When I felt sure (inspiried by Spirit) that I had the pronunciation correct, I was so enthused that I was walking up on the air. I went to a local convenience store that I frequent, mumbling it over and over, with joy.  Some new girl clerk that I had never seen heard me, asking what I had just said, with interest. I explained and she took further interest, asking me to repeat it to her, not once, but twice. Yahavwah. (The second a is breathy, so could sound like a soft U or O.)
She smiled and said, YES, THAT SOUNDS RIGHT.
After I left, I got to thinking, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES...?
Making sure to stop in, the next day, no one knew of any knew girl or who I was talking about!
We entertain angels, folks.

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