Underestimating prayer is underestimating the Power of Almighty God, YHWH. 

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........Please pray for our spiritual leaders, those in need of truth and salvation, those in need for physical healing and comfort, those in need of food, water and income, for those in the midst of war, for orphans and those widowed, for all the little children of the world, for good and better parents and teachers, for peace and love, for forgiveness and mercy, for hope and faith, for joyful union and a future, blessed reunion with Messiah. We need and appreciate your prayers. Pray for YHWH God's right hand, Messiah Yahswah, to be directly upon everyone in need and the Ruach Kadosh (Holy Spirit) to breathe life anew into our souls for complete healing and restoration and for God's own glorification and praise. May it be so done, AMEN .... and Hallelu~YAH!


Isaiah 62:10 ... Go thru, go thru the gates, Prepare the way for the people, build up, build up the highway, take out the stones  


Ezekiel 10:5 -   And the sound of the wings of the Cherubim was heard up to the outer courtyard,  like the voice of El Shaddai when He speaks 


El Shaddai is one of the many names of  Elohiym and it appears at least 23 times in the Tenach (Old Testament) . 


What does it mean ?  El is God – ( the God of Israel to be specific ) and Shaddai is the plural Hebrew word for breasts. (Shad is Hebrew for breast singular) .   

Therefore,  He, El Shaddai is the Double-breasted One.  Some interpreters have translated El Shaddai as the One Who Pours Out . 

As I thought about these events, and in light of Israel being the target of world of hatred, boycotts,  threats of annihilation, and the virulent battle to divide and take  

away this land from her rightful owners, one of the names of the God of Israel, came to mind.  El Shaddai.   This made me think about the true meaning of this name.  

If we think about a breastfeeding mother, the baby she is breastfeeding is totally dependent on her to survive. 

The breastmilk is first class, 100% organic, and contains every nutrient needed to cause that baby to be fully nourished, sustained, strengthened, and at the same  

time given a sense of security, peace, protection, immunity and comfort. It is endless, “on tap” pure milk,  the more the baby sucks, the more milk is produced.    

It is in essence, the baby’s life support.  The baby does not need anything else. 

Is the God of Israel setting up the Apple of His Eye, His beloved, His inheritance to truly be El Shaddai to her in the near future.  It could be.   

All nations are going to come against Israel, we will be cut off from every resource that we, at this stage, rely on from other nations.   

Oil, gas, water, and other important resources.  A mother’s milk is not released until the baby is born, at the appointed time.   

The appointed time for Israel’s survival is just around the corner, and at the appointed time the “divine milk“ will be released to sustain and cause Israel to survive the battle. 


Israel, I believe is being prepared to come to the end of herself, and for her to sur-vive, we are going to need El Shaddai.  

The God who will sustain, protect, comfort, and provide.  Israel will not need anyone or  any of the nations, to depend on, she will have a full and never ending supply of ALL  

that she needs, from her El Shaddai. the “Milk of Life” will never dry up, and will be of  a double portion.  At the time she begins to “drink” (call upon her God) the sustainer  

of this nation, the more He will supply and provide. 


Maybe, just maybe, there will be a reversal in roles with the nations.. Israel will one day be the leading nation. Could it be that be that the other nations will come seeking  

Israel for resources to survive.?  They will hear of all the riches and provision in the land of Israel, just as it was in the days of Joseph (a picture of Messiah) in Egypt, with  

the famine, the neighboring countries had no choice but to travel to Egypt to get their sustenance to survive.     


One thing Israel can be assured of is that He, El Shaddai will not forsake nor forget her.  

Isaiah 66:13 As one whom his mother comforts,so I (El Shaddai) will comfort you (Israel)    

She will feed from the endless life giving Milk of the Double Breasted one, called El Shaddai, and SHE WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE.   

The God of Israel, El Shaddai will be made known to all the nations, that He is the God of His people, Israel.  

Israel will drink, from the One Who Pours out, and will  be satisfied, sustained, nutured, comforted, protected, victorious, have immunity and be fruitful !  


Deuteronomy 13:27   We went to the land where You sent us, it truly flows with milk and honey and this is its fruit. 


ALIYAH  -  Numbers 24:5  How lovely are your Tents O Jacob, Your dwellings, O Israel 

Those that bless the people of Israel will be blessed (Genesis 2:3) 

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