Due to errant teachings, many, if not most, persons believe the soul to be a sort of etherial body that goes to Heaven, upon death.

Let us compare what the Sacred Scriptures say.

Genesis 2:7  Body + Spirit = Soul
Ecclesiates 12:7, James 2:26 Bodies return to earthly elements and spirit…
Psalms 78:39, 146:4 … returns to God. Death = Unconsciousness.  
Ezekial 18:4, Romans 6:23   Souls die.
Matthew 10:28 Only fear God who can destroy both body and soul *
I Thesselonians 5:23  Mentioned separately
(Compare 1 Corinthians 15:44 and 2 Cor. 4:10, 5:6-8 )

A soul is an embodied spirit.

Anything animate that has breath is a soul.

There are spiritual souls, or spirit beings.

Demonic spirits have no form, unless possessing the body of another human or being. Divine spirits, or angels (malakim), possess etherial bodies of light.
Divine angels are commonly invisible to the human eye, existing outside of our realm and/or our spectrum of visible light, but can materialize, even into what appears to be human flesh.

Some ask if animals have souls or argue that animals do not go to heaven, because they not have souls.

One verse tells us that animals will not be remembered. (  )
Yet, another states that humans have the same outcome, meaning death, thus separation of the spirit from the body. ( )

This verse indicates that Adam and Eve once had perfect, divine
bodies, but their physical nature was changed, once they sinned. (  ).
It is not a matter of having a soul, but being a soul, as the above verses clearly show.
For animals, their lives, not to be remembered, simply means that their life activities will not be recounted, or held accountable, or judged. However, no mean animals nor predatory behavior will be allowed, or will even exist.

All things will be made anew.

How does God destroy both body AND soul, if they are one and the same or conjoined?
Everyone will be resurrected, if not changed in a blinking of an eye, into a new body.
Those who face the punishment of God are thrown into the lake of fire, meaning the final death.
All spirits belong to God, so the body AND soul mean that both the body and essence of the person, or personality, is destroyed forevermore. The spirit [energy, or life force] is purified, but that soul no longer has bodily form NOR the breath of life (spirit embodied).

I wish to speak to those thinking or wishing, maybe needing to believe, that their loved ones who have passed on are somewhere out there, in heaven, looking down upon, perhaps watching over them. Well, they are, in a sense. The one thing that you should keep in mind, foremost, is that we return to the same state and station where we were before birth, awaiting rebirth. None of us can nor are able to recall that, as we were not yet conscious.

Someone once said something like, IF
IT WOULD NOT BE HEAVEN - in the peaceful, tranquil, paradisaical sense. Secondly, they are with us, all of the time, in heart and often in mind. Finally, they are in a place beyond time, so that someday they shall see and hear everything we do and say, as if they were never asleep.
That SLEEP, even as Messiah calls it, will seem to be a mere instant in time. When we awake, we will have new minds and total recall but, beyond that, complete awareness, as if never asleep, if you can imagine, yet difficult to grasp. Just take comfort in the fact that they are in the most peaceful place of loving warmth, their spirit(s) bathed and basking within that glorious place of light. Someday, you shall see them, again. The best thing that you can do for them, as well as
yourself, is to carry on with a happy and righteous life, best as you possibly can.


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